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A cozy and small framework for mobile apps

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Jasonelle's Friends Membership

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Jasonelle's Friends Membership

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Thank you for supporting Jasonelle and it's developers. With this small membership you enable us to continue creating awesome tools for your web applications.

By adquiring a License you agree with the following:

  • Use Jasonelle's technologies and licenses in an ethical way.
  • Must acknowledge Jasonelle in your App (in a visible place).
  • Can't make Jasonelle clones or look a likes using the technology (please don't rebrand).

Jasonelle's Membership Keys can be at maximum 5 projects, as long as the subscription is maintained.

We recommend purchasing a Thank You Key if you want a permanent license per project.

Once you get your Key you can edit Love.h to allow real device execution and MPLv2 licensed code.

If no license is purchased then the code is under AGPLv3. And will not execute using real devices.

Since we cannot enforce this. We rely on your good heart. We trust you are a kind person who will activate this mode ethically.

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A small membership will allow us to continue development and pay related costs.